missing seobie

how can i say no for this cute guy ..im always melting see this face

i know it ridiculous but i miss mr yang.. i dunno why even is impossible to be the person to be recognize by him but i still like him.. mmm weird right i always want see him more never feel satisfied even see him a whole.. that mean im love sick with him. andweeee please don't seobie it a 가수..저는 단지 팬.me have realize but wae wae waee i have got this feeling. 3 days ago,i heard the news that beautiful show not comin to malaysia.. i was so sad coz i have no money go out side from msia.. it so jahat meh..i know it sound selfish but i demand beast comin here.. i wanna see seobie so much i never get tired to him but please cube please take beast here.. i wanna them so much please............................hope to heard a great news bout this pleaseee

xander 1st showcase in Malaysia

hi blogger..it been awhile im update my blog right. yesterday the last minute plan turn to most happy time for me heheh.. or i should consider this is best bday gift i ever had...i dream xander 3x this year.. maybe the dream tell that i should me him.. n i yesterday i got to see him live n closer look..he is so chick n naughty guy.now i in love with his song. i never now he have voice.. the only thing i know he can rap.. he is cute friendly. after he finish performance doing sign session.. haha a bit neves and guilty with yoseob XD...climbing stairs one by one.. then in front him he look at my face n say apa kabar? then i say baik.. n smile at him he say thank u for comin he give his hand n i was like holding him tight..omg his hand so soft like bb.. before i leave i say love u.. n he reply love u too hehe.. then i go down..n smile..hehe... ty xander u making my life brighter love u so much... here lil gif from xander to me..

calender from xander forum
calender cover
calendar back side n signature


yeayea today 1st of raya.. feel excited n bored same time... excited coz finally the ramdhan month complete.. i miss when im lil girl. yesterday chatting with achek she told "t u remember when u lil girl always cry coz wanna come to grandma home after solat raya.. " i nod then i say coz no one at lereng to play with me.every year raya going wan home is like heaven coz lot ppl there n there someone i play,talk n fight there..achek say yea. t now u 22 look how big u grow now n all the lil cousin lol..yea to me know going to wan home is one thing i can't miss out.. yea until if i not stay or sleep there i feel that sometime missing 2 days before or on raya.this year much more excited coz pak cha taking bb aarik to kg.. i more comfortable with wan n all aunts n uncle there.coz they are there for me up n down.. im sorry to my mom sis i feel awkwardness around u guys i feel uncomfortable when u around me n now all of sudden tried to be friendly for me.. sory i hard for me to accept u if u guy feel angry coz i m so cold to u... please keep think this word is is this my fault coursing aty cold with me... i dunno if in future i can accept them or not coz they seem to be care bout me.. so what should i care bout them..

im sorry

last night i have lot of fun with my chingoo.i wake up early with happy mood ...all of sudden mama tell me we going to blk kg n help all the aunty n my cousin to clean the house is been ages... 2s after i answer for what.. since grandma die no one bother to blk kg.. n every year only our family going back forth to kg no want care n now they decide to come back.. no way when i need them or when my mom in pain did they bother bout us. they only came when they need money..is that person who i call family. i know they are my mom lil sis but they ever treat me as niece..the person who always treat as niece my mum cousins..they always treat me same even don't im only 2nd niece them..im happy with that family the person always there for when im in pain n happy. does my real aunties feel that how pain to me as a niece n it too late to open my heart to them coz u make one big whole inside of me...it not that easy to accept u as all of u back to be my aunties.i not a kinda a person not accepting people,hating people or dendam but is almost 18 years now.. did u guy tried to treat me nicely...u ask for urself is that way u treat the only niece from ur big sis and ask ur self the way i greet n treat u with cold shoulder u it that because u...sorry for everything if u think im the one of the bad niece ...i accept that n if u hate me i also accept coz i know im not a good niece n i always thankful to god coz u give me lovely uncles n aunties always there for me.. accept me as they own niece..thank u so much without u guys i think my life not brighter than now..

Break Fast Time

the picture been snap and own by @ladydragon_83

while waiting the food arrive

waiting to break fast

hey bloggers.. on 12 august is the best day ever coz i finally finish the assignment n presentation.. the most happy time is when break fast time with midot,jue,ema,unnie, yana n mimie.. we break fast at nando's. african food yea the food is yummy and eating together making the food more tastier... actually the main objective to gather all kpop chingoo together coz is rarely to see each others. and i want my friend to open new books and 4get the past... that is the main reason.. when we are friend misunderstanding always happen that make our friendship more tighter n close. doing gathering or reunite like this make us bond more to each other.. yea we do have difference bck or difference style but when it come to friendship i always remind myself always there for ur friends....

Mtv world

mtv world stage tag been make by ehye sp for B2C

mtv yea is awesome weh... the best concert i see omg beat is there n i was like going crazy see thm.eventhought didn't get to see on 1 july but i got see him on 24 july im relief coz i miss my ys so much.. after mtv my chinggo n i want to see beast for departure but they leave 2 minutes be4 we arrived there.. i was like sentap for a while n start to cried out lut... coz i so want to seobie n pass my gift to him...n again i can't stop cried waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. today i just finish watchin idol maid ep 12 n 1st time i shed tears watching them coz i see ys in pain ..the thing hurt me the most when see him spray painkiller at his legs.. even i look that i cried if im on his shoes on that time maybe i will start crying waaa bie... bie thank u so much to strong for b2uty and to all beat thank u so much for always making fan their 1st priority.. im always will be b2uty..im sorry sometime im hunger of beast perfomance but u always is the best in my heart...

im sorry

hey i just arrived to seremban..i want to thank u jue for lent me her broadband...im now doing nothing all of sudden remember our sweet memoir together i want to let it go but stuck in my mind... i flashback my memory when with him but only me remember all the moment maybe all the memory he 4get when im here always for him,never question him coz i trust him.i know im abit forcing him or word play of me.im sorry to

Thank to

it been a while...today i just got a sad new. the namja i in love now have a new gurl.. im in shocked n my heart break again like a piece..i admit that i start to 4get u and run way away from u but i end up see u waiting me on finish line.. i realize still have feeling to u. i feel sad but i can't shed my tears but i feel the pain like been hitting by bullet ..im thinking positive way maybe we only meant as friend not more than that. i tried to accept that the best way to give bless to ur new relationship.even im hurt but u deserve to happy. thank you for everything u gave me.the experience u gave is so memorable for me..if one day u want to turn back or realize the person who always with u it me. maybe i will be with u or maybe i have new life. coz we don;t know how the future will be. i wish that u can see thru.....

family day

model of the day
the family

choco lolli

it a been a week my family over.crazy meh overjoy until i loss my voice n attack by fever wa didn't expect family day this years fun even xde ramai sgt.there where big field to play sport n horses..hah im scared lo to touch the horse but me still tunjuk berani.i admit the resort we stayed best woo..1st day the family settle down to check in room.lucky me got room with air condition.on 2nd day,8 am activities start with warming up session.on 8.45 breakfast time. there were 2 categories adult n kids. n been divide by 3groups red,green n blue. on 9.30 - 10.45 the kids categories.after that, 10am -12 adult games. lunch time n when charge our energy.the game still back on on 2 - 4.30 evening going to sea n we so unlucky that day air xde on that time after we play at the sea. everyone going crazy on that time no water coz tu we all have to mandi at the owner home. last night we stay they we have a bbq time..hah lot of fresh seafood n chiken be bbq that night. wishing next year family day more exciting our family still grew bigger..

yomu in da house

*jeng jeng* presentin yomu uahuahuhauhaua.. officially my bb.. eheh can't believe i have him.his skin white like his appa.but his appa didn't see him yet..i so happy yomu alwys by my side even his appa bz..arr sometime if i miss b,yomu here n make me smile everyday..yomu mummy luv u so much..muahmuah here is yomu pic

in front


yea finaaly know how to make my own wall..thanx to paji teach me hw to use picasa.. ahah i never know picasa can do that huahuahua..the app i use in picasa collage...this two wall i made..sorry not so good coz im doing juz for myself *puppy eyes*..

1st version

today is

hey jae_mu ahah...no class for me today ahaha*evil laugh* kk today activities sleep,fbing n twittng ahah nothin rite..mm a sad phone n ternet line a bit off hut today... dunno why?? aigo me looking 4ward to dl shy boy n keep u head down..but i can't bckg music *holding back the tear* crying to death..guest wat today menu i cooked ahah char kueh tiaw...even not sekaw at stall but as long ppl satisfied the food...im ok for that hah...k bye222

tv private party

ahah so lazy to update the blog ahah..nearly one month the party ended but i still can't 4get the drama n fun at tv private party..in car uu lot of drama time que more drama ahah..i think can make tragic drama ahah...ahah omo 4get to i even see yoseob in even infront my eyes n also waving n smiling at me i was *drool* that time.. ahahah *cough cough* i can see my yoseobie clearly .i was want to cried to see him..i miss him so much..if on that time i can make signal n shout i luv u bb..maybe he froze *d-uh so imagine thing* i bit sad 1st coz he can;t see me i was like follow him everywhere..i felt like give up coz he can't spot me..then i was like enjoy the song n follow they step guest wat on that time i follow him he spotted me n like giggle n pointing me.. i was like smile n pointing him back ahah.. after that i felt like im flying without wings...after the show again tragic drama continue... *uggh non stop tragic drama*.. ahah after sending fishie at klcc tired...n i fall in front of the car when open the door..i laugh hard n plus my hand turn to pumpkin waaaaaaaa.

Thank to

the poster made by eunhye_fish
one month already past my bday.i know a bit late to put in the blog but i want to thanx to my mum bought white gold earing my beloved aunty n cousin celebrate my day with chocolote indulge,bff midot coz threat me at nandos on my bday yumyum,mr f for wishing my bday n my lovely twin for making poster on my day..omo im so touch coz everyone make my day special luv u guy so much..

kpop party

yes22party bebeh..it time to party with kpop yahoo..can't believe rite i was like so crazy on that day ehehe.im partying with all my gurls,g.na,4 minutes and beast.*screamin*hehe ok i taught im will sit in front n planning to go early but lot of thing happen be4 concert.target time to the place before 12. actually i felt guilty to my both friend coz i say yes for helping they up but all of sudden changing plan.. n i m start to stress out when all ppl calling me for update n make me stress out.which one should i follow.im closing the case.ahah i abit for all of sudden cube ent videocam recording me n i was like shocked n imagine #lalala seobie will spot my face in the video# *nose bleed* n the staff also so cute loh..eheh he going thru in fornt me n say can go in 1st. i want to five the staff go in 1st but i be push by the guard... *inside the staff so cute* wish can take his number *huahuahau* going in n saw waa so many ppl. im so sad kos im separate with my gurl n ppl on the back like making pissed off...im abit frusted in the concert coz i can't see my seobie clearly coz ppl keep pushing me n im to shortlah..after this i must wear heel if i going for rock pit...coz he always on rite side..waaa im crying can't see him..after i just shut my mouth coz can't see him.everyone is happy but me not that happy on that concert coz i can't enjoy myself coz ppl pushing me..moral story if i going to concert i have to wears heels for can see them clear..