missing seobie

how can i say no for this cute guy ..im always melting see this face

i know it ridiculous but i miss mr yang.. i dunno why even is impossible to be the person to be recognize by him but i still like him.. mmm weird right i always want see him more never feel satisfied even see him a whole.. that mean im love sick with him. andweeee please don't seobie it a 가수..저는 단지 팬.me have realize but wae wae waee i have got this feeling. 3 days ago,i heard the news that beautiful show not comin to malaysia.. i was so sad coz i have no money go out side from msia.. it so jahat meh..i know it sound selfish but i demand beast comin here.. i wanna see seobie so much i never get tired to him but please cube please take beast here.. i wanna them so much please............................hope to heard a great news bout this pleaseee

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