Thank to

the poster made by eunhye_fish
one month already past my bday.i know a bit late to put in the blog but i want to thanx to my mum bought white gold earing my beloved aunty n cousin celebrate my day with chocolote indulge,bff midot coz threat me at nandos on my bday yumyum,mr f for wishing my bday n my lovely twin for making poster on my day..omo im so touch coz everyone make my day special luv u guy so much..

kpop party

yes22party time to party with kpop yahoo..can't believe rite i was like so crazy on that day partying with all my gurls,,4 minutes and beast.*screamin*hehe ok i taught im will sit in front n planning to go early but lot of thing happen be4 time to the place before 12. actually i felt guilty to my both friend coz i say yes for helping they up but all of sudden changing plan.. n i m start to stress out when all ppl calling me for update n make me stress out.which one should i closing the case.ahah i abit for all of sudden cube ent videocam recording me n i was like shocked n imagine #lalala seobie will spot my face in the video# *nose bleed* n the staff also so cute loh..eheh he going thru in fornt me n say can go in 1st. i want to five the staff go in 1st but i be push by the guard... *inside the staff so cute* wish can take his number *huahuahau* going in n saw waa so many ppl. im so sad kos im separate with my gurl n ppl on the back like making pissed abit frusted in the concert coz i can't see my seobie clearly coz ppl keep pushing me n im to shortlah..after this i must wear heel if i going for rock pit...coz he always on rite side..waaa im crying can't see him..after i just shut my mouth coz can't see him.everyone is happy but me not that happy on that concert coz i can't enjoy myself coz ppl pushing me..moral story if i going to concert i have to wears heels for can see them clear..