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choco lolli

it a been a week my family over.crazy meh overjoy until i loss my voice n attack by fever wa didn't expect family day this years fun even xde ramai sgt.there where big field to play sport n horses..hah im scared lo to touch the horse but me still tunjuk berani.i admit the resort we stayed best woo..1st day the family settle down to check in room.lucky me got room with air condition.on 2nd day,8 am activities start with warming up session.on 8.45 breakfast time. there were 2 categories adult n kids. n been divide by 3groups red,green n blue. on 9.30 - 10.45 the kids categories.after that, 10am -12 adult games. lunch time n when charge our energy.the game still back on on 2 - 4.30 evening going to sea n we so unlucky that day air xde on that time after we play at the sea. everyone going crazy on that time no water coz tu we all have to mandi at the owner home. last night we stay they we have a bbq time..hah lot of fresh seafood n chiken be bbq that night. wishing next year family day more exciting our family still grew bigger..