One day before my b b-day

hey blooper it been a while didnt update myself.. almost a week i finish my intern at regency  bit bored btw hehhe.. oh almost 4get less than 10 hour my bie bday.. yeaaa 23 now n im will b 25 end of this year..omo i getting old but my heart still like a kid hahha... i mis mr seobie so much n hope get to see him back soon *scream* seobie u came back after 2 year n i miss that time a lot..n i cant 4 get every sweet thing happen when we meet aww my..jumping in front of u speechless n froze in front n the time u point at me..making me angao woooooooooooooooo.. bie hope  u came to malaysia we create a new memory for us huahuhauhua * duh so in dreamin".. ok ppl im poof myself off now daaaaaaaaaaaaaa,