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mtv world stage tag been make by ehye sp for B2C

mtv yea is awesome weh... the best concert i see omg beat is there n i was like going crazy see thm.eventhought didn't get to see on 1 july but i got see him on 24 july im relief coz i miss my ys so much.. after mtv my chinggo n i want to see beast for departure but they leave 2 minutes be4 we arrived there.. i was like sentap for a while n start to cried out lut... coz i so want to seobie n pass my gift to him...n again i can't stop cried waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. today i just finish watchin idol maid ep 12 n 1st time i shed tears watching them coz i see ys in pain ..the thing hurt me the most when see him spray painkiller at his legs.. even i look that i cried if im on his shoes on that time maybe i will start crying waaa bie... bie thank u so much to strong for b2uty and to all beat thank u so much for always making fan their 1st priority.. im always will be sorry sometime im hunger of beast perfomance but u always is the best in my heart...

im sorry

hey i just arrived to seremban..i want to thank u jue for lent me her now doing nothing all of sudden remember our sweet memoir together i want to let it go but stuck in my mind... i flashback my memory when with him but only me remember all the moment maybe all the memory he 4get when im here always for him,never question him coz i trust him.i know im abit forcing him or word play of sorry to

Thank to

it been a i just got a sad new. the namja i in love now have a new gurl.. im in shocked n my heart break again like a piece..i admit that i start to 4get u and run way away from u but i end up see u waiting me on finish line.. i realize still have feeling to u. i feel sad but i can't shed my tears but i feel the pain like been hitting by bullet thinking positive way maybe we only meant as friend not more than that. i tried to accept that the best way to give bless to ur new relationship.even im hurt but u deserve to happy. thank you for everything u gave me.the experience u gave is so memorable for me..if one day u want to turn back or realize the person who always with u it me. maybe i will be with u or maybe i have new life. coz we don;t know how the future will be. i wish that u can see thru.....