yomu in da house

*jeng jeng* presentin yomu uahuahuhauhaua.. officially my bb.. eheh can't believe i have him.his skin white like his appa.but his appa didn't see him yet..i so happy yomu alwys by my side even his appa bz..arr sometime if i miss b,yomu here n make me smile everyday..yomu mummy luv u so much..muahmuah here is yomu pic

in front


yea finaaly know how to make my own wall..thanx to paji teach me hw to use picasa.. ahah i never know picasa can do that huahuahua..the app i use in picasa collage...this two wall i made..sorry not so good coz im doing juz for myself *puppy eyes*..

1st version

today is

hey jae_mu ahah...no class for me today ahaha*evil laugh* kk today activities sleep,fbing n twittng ahah nothin rite..mm a sad phone n ternet line a bit off hut today... dunno why?? aigo me looking 4ward to dl shy boy n keep u head down..but i can't bckg music *holding back the tear* crying to death..guest wat today menu i cooked ahah char kueh tiaw...even not sekaw at stall but as long ppl satisfied the food...im ok for that hah...k bye222

tv private party

ahah so lazy to update the blog ahah..nearly one month the party ended but i still can't 4get the drama n fun at tv private party..in car uu lot of drama time que more drama ahah..i think can make tragic drama ahah...ahah omo 4get to i even see yoseob in even infront my eyes n also waving n smiling at me i was *drool* that time.. ahahah *cough cough* i can see my yoseobie clearly .i was want to cried to see him..i miss him so much..if on that time i can make signal n shout i luv u bb..maybe he froze *d-uh so imagine thing* i bit sad 1st coz he can;t see me i was like follow him everywhere..i felt like give up coz he can't spot me..then i was like enjoy the song n follow they step guest wat on that time i follow him he spotted me n like giggle n pointing me.. i was like smile n pointing him back ahah.. after that i felt like im flying without wings...after the show again tragic drama continue... *uggh non stop tragic drama*.. ahah after sending fishie at klcc tired...n i fall in front of the car when open the door..i laugh hard n plus my hand turn to pumpkin waaaaaaaa.