hi to myself, 2nd week of August. i hope i can survive till the end of august.  I been thru lot this 1-2 week. im scared that i gonna loss a person i love while i keep on step forward. i try hard to be as much i can to b his side but lately i feel he tried to push away. it that love or it just me walking alone toward the future. Do i feel worth to keep holding a person or just gave up. i dunno why i shed lot tear this month. this a month i feel so down.  I hope my life gonna change..


Hey blogger, yesterday is not good day for me. I hope will b good than yesterday. I just realize sometime the mb u can rely on not gonna b there. Allah always there for u but i never think that. I tried to smile today but i cried coz stupid thing. Im not a cry person but why i cry every time we argue. Do i scared to loose him or it just me have syg feeling toward him. Should i give up? it hurt so much. I a spoil girl. Ya Allah pls help me i not good with this path but give me some gut to survive in this path. If he not for me please tell my heart to stop syg him. If he for me give me a power to stay strong. I dont want to be hurt deeply. But ppl say if u not taking risk u never experience that. Im the one choose to b with him.

love line

Hi, lately i used to talk bout love. today too i learn in relationship u not have think bout urself but we need to who the person who will b with u by ur side. Who say love is easy n sweet damn it not. I admit i in love line i b test how far u understand ur partner, how u gonna solve ur problem. I learning to grow to b n also not to selfish. I never knew what i act will b effect in future. So starting with small step make thing bigger. Dont u ever rush thing u need to lay back n trust ur partner that the key to have healthy relationship. We are not perfect but we the one make the love turn perfect.argue in love is good thing coz u get to see how ur partner see u in their eyes. So to newbie couple like me dont ever expect ur fantasy is the same reality like i did. Dream to have a person hold ur hand when u fall that will no b. U the one to stand up n fight to reach that life.

You You

hey one more day to 2016 and my heart felt like about to explode. damn why i keep missing you. i just 12 days we didnt see each other. i felt like i loss my other half. mm is it only me or he felt same. Do he felt what i do and it strange coz i shed tear for him. i do i have wrong personality but when it to him i getting soft. what he do to me? 3 month we been together. and this month one of the tough month i been it worth i cry for him? or should i give up on him? but i believe he can change but it take time right. If meant to be with so he will. I have tell myself how hard we in this relationship i have to go thru. To My b i wrote this not tell the world our relationship is hard with but this a way me to express myself when i felt nobody understand me and u. B one day all of sudden our relationship end or one us found someone else. i want u to know i not a person who gonna let thing go easily. i used to love someone before u n it take 4 year to let go of the guys. N maybe u the last guy i share my love. B i know u not person who can express love like i do but deep inside u tried right. B if u want to let me go dont u make me fallen more to u.

my life

Hi blog almost a year i didnt update,fuh getting dusty over here. It almost 2016 n alhamdulilah this year full of colour of my life.i found a job unexpected offer n i never though i have the ability to carried this responsible i thankful to my bosses they never fail to teach me all the knowledge they have.even thou almost a year i thankful always treat me well. Then 2nd thing happen on my life i found love never expect it will come i so blessed we been together almost 4 month.we still learning about each other n im still teaching him to open up.i never felt like this almost 4 years n i learn that as girl dont expect ur bf is romantic like korean drama but u as gf need to point what n cherish him what he try.ya I almost give up in this relationship but my heart say Zaty if u give up on him he Never Learn anything. I know it will make Me anger,cried n argument but i believe Allah See our Effort insyallah He Will change more positive man.Ya Allah if He gonna b my half i accept him with open heart.thank you Allah for gimme amazing year And i hope gonna b more happy year next year.

Homade cheesecake

Hi it been awhile, lately i craving for cheesecake.Last week i decide to made one. I asking around my friend for the recipe.After 30 minute while seeking for recipe one my girl give me one recipe from I use this recipe as reference and make bit twist by changing the wipped cream to fresh milk and also didnt put softner. I also didnt put any topping for my cheecake. Here the pic while making till done. ��������

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