You You

hey one more day to 2016 and my heart felt like about to explode. damn why i keep missing you. i just 12 days we didnt see each other. i felt like i loss my other half. mm is it only me or he felt same. Do he felt what i do and it strange coz i shed tear for him. i do i have wrong personality but when it to him i getting soft. what he do to me? 3 month we been together. and this month one of the tough month i been it worth i cry for him? or should i give up on him? but i believe he can change but it take time right. If meant to be with so he will. I have tell myself how hard we in this relationship i have to go thru. To My b i wrote this not tell the world our relationship is hard with but this a way me to express myself when i felt nobody understand me and u. B one day all of sudden our relationship end or one us found someone else. i want u to know i not a person who gonna let thing go easily. i used to love someone before u n it take 4 year to let go of the guys. N maybe u the last guy i share my love. B i know u not person who can express love like i do but deep inside u tried right. B if u want to let me go dont u make me fallen more to u.

my life

Hi blog almost a year i didnt update,fuh getting dusty over here. It almost 2016 n alhamdulilah this year full of colour of my life.i found a job unexpected offer n i never though i have the ability to carried this responsible i thankful to my bosses they never fail to teach me all the knowledge they have.even thou almost a year i thankful always treat me well. Then 2nd thing happen on my life i found love never expect it will come i so blessed we been together almost 4 month.we still learning about each other n im still teaching him to open up.i never felt like this almost 4 years n i learn that as girl dont expect ur bf is romantic like korean drama but u as gf need to point what n cherish him what he try.ya I almost give up in this relationship but my heart say Zaty if u give up on him he Never Learn anything. I know it will make Me anger,cried n argument but i believe Allah See our Effort insyallah He Will change more positive man.Ya Allah if He gonna b my half i accept him with open heart.thank you Allah for gimme amazing year And i hope gonna b more happy year next year.