my bie have growin up

hey blogger, i was happy heard that yang yoseob have a solo album.. i cant wait to the full solo album release  on 12 pm korea time.. i have watched seobie new mv haha.omg i was surprised how my bie growin up n now im addicted with caffeine...haha i now a caffeine lover n seobie sang caffeina song tooo huhauhua.. here the teaser of seobie new song

Two day hols..

Hey blogger i got two days off hehe bit sad cant attend kpop storm... Huhu it ok mb next time i gonna see teen topp.bang min soo i luv u heehe..waited for me next year bang min goin to fly to korea

Kpop storm

Hey bloggie i was so happy heard teen top will becomin to malaysia for kpop storm..bit sad coz im stil 50 waitin to have 2 days hols to watch them..wa bang minsoo..i wanna see u damn much

regency hotel

hey blogger today is my 20 day intern in regency..i m learning to b better person..i never dream to b want of front linear in hotel industry..after working here i realize is not easy to b front linear..n im trying to adapt this life..i know i make lot of mistake n foolin around to much.n start today i tried to b focus with my work..


hey it been a while im not update my im watching a video from jinnyboytv the stories about friendship between a girl and boy. when i watch the video and i realize the stories similar to mine story. i know how the girl feel when the guy all of sudden have gf n feel lonely. even thou hurt always show smile and  support him. hope u guy enjoy daaaaaaaa

my bbbb

hey it been awhile i didnt update bout my..this my life so free coz only 2 day class a week hehe,lot of thing need to be i so miss mr yoseob i was drooling his new hairstyle,,,yoseob  pali waa comeback..i was going crazy wooo saw his red hair.. haha i miss his n smile so much comeback seobie im waiting for u..that y i cant say no to yoseobie  loving him so much,,,

im freeeeeee

hey blogger..haha finally im updating my story.. yeaaaaaaaaaaa finally i have finish all my assignment n presentation yahooo so besh im have my normal life backk this so crazy week for me.alhamdullilah me manage to settle for the food im not luck today one whole day xmkn n im imagine im gonna eat nice dinner.. tgk no gas at kitchen crying hard coz of me lah bored eating instant noodle dah leh vege instant noodle ayoo but what to do darurat kene gak mkn....

new wallpaper for lappy

my 2nd wallpaper i made for my lappie.. finally got to compile on my hubby in one time.. hahaha seeing this wallpaper making me happy... hehe to my hubbies plz don't fighting fighting coz me.. no worries i love u all so much :P

holiday woooo

hello ppl im now on holiday mood even though still have 2 paper left for final.. going to ignore for awhile now at Seri Malaysia , sepang.. ok talk bout it good n nice lah stay here.. but abit sad only have 2 type of room standard room n family room only..hehe but im having fun using the facilities here.. the wifi line was so laju wo *excited* but after 12am they close lucky papa bawa his beruk if not im going crazy middle off night for last night dinner the food good especially the steam food n 3 taste of ikan siakap yummy.. im still remember the fish so soft n tender n i want more please breakfast at hotel the ok lah not bad.. im love the pancak ehehe.. after that when to pool till 11.30am.. n now it time to go will talk more later ppl.. annyeong hehehe

생일축하해 양요서

pic by: @helloimys *wink*

yea to 5th january and to day to two will happen to me..1st day starting my final exam waaaaaaaa n also my bie bday yahoo he 22 this .. i wish him on 12 .01 am korea time hehe.. happy birthday baby wish u have fun b0day and im hoping to see u more often in malaysia .. i so miss to see u live. lot of thing happen last year see u down i cried i know u in pain n i also feel the pain.. this year i want u to grow much stronger . bie u know right b2uty love u so much don't worries bout anti just let it go.. luv u mr seobie....n again i wanna wish 요섭요섭요섭 요섭요섭아 생일축하...
today 8am sharp 1st day of exam will start.. waa me so nervous n scared praying i can answer all the questions.. . i so want to have a good gred this sem coz i work xtra hard...
ok it getting i need to sleep now see ya...