yeayea today 1st of raya.. feel excited n bored same time... excited coz finally the ramdhan month complete.. i miss when im lil girl. yesterday chatting with achek she told "t u remember when u lil girl always cry coz wanna come to grandma home after solat raya.. " i nod then i say coz no one at lereng to play with me.every year raya going wan home is like heaven coz lot ppl there n there someone i play,talk n fight there..achek say yea. t now u 22 look how big u grow now n all the lil cousin lol..yea to me know going to wan home is one thing i can't miss out.. yea until if i not stay or sleep there i feel that sometime missing 2 days before or on raya.this year much more excited coz pak cha taking bb aarik to kg.. i more comfortable with wan n all aunts n uncle there.coz they are there for me up n down.. im sorry to my mom sis i feel awkwardness around u guys i feel uncomfortable when u around me n now all of sudden tried to be friendly for me.. sory i hard for me to accept u if u guy feel angry coz i m so cold to u... please keep think this word is is this my fault coursing aty cold with me... i dunno if in future i can accept them or not coz they seem to be care bout me.. so what should i care bout them..

im sorry

last night i have lot of fun with my chingoo.i wake up early with happy mood ...all of sudden mama tell me we going to blk kg n help all the aunty n my cousin to clean the house is been ages... 2s after i answer for what.. since grandma die no one bother to blk kg.. n every year only our family going back forth to kg no want care n now they decide to come back.. no way when i need them or when my mom in pain did they bother bout us. they only came when they need money..is that person who i call family. i know they are my mom lil sis but they ever treat me as niece..the person who always treat as niece my mum cousins..they always treat me same even don't im only 2nd niece them..im happy with that family the person always there for when im in pain n happy. does my real aunties feel that how pain to me as a niece n it too late to open my heart to them coz u make one big whole inside of me...it not that easy to accept u as all of u back to be my aunties.i not a kinda a person not accepting people,hating people or dendam but is almost 18 years now.. did u guy tried to treat me nicely...u ask for urself is that way u treat the only niece from ur big sis and ask ur self the way i greet n treat u with cold shoulder u it that because u...sorry for everything if u think im the one of the bad niece ...i accept that n if u hate me i also accept coz i know im not a good niece n i always thankful to god coz u give me lovely uncles n aunties always there for me.. accept me as they own niece..thank u so much without u guys i think my life not brighter than now..

Break Fast Time

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while waiting the food arrive

waiting to break fast

hey bloggers.. on 12 august is the best day ever coz i finally finish the assignment n presentation.. the most happy time is when break fast time with midot,jue,ema,unnie, yana n mimie.. we break fast at nando's. african food yea the food is yummy and eating together making the food more tastier... actually the main objective to gather all kpop chingoo together coz is rarely to see each others. and i want my friend to open new books and 4get the past... that is the main reason.. when we are friend misunderstanding always happen that make our friendship more tighter n close. doing gathering or reunite like this make us bond more to each other.. yea we do have difference bck or difference style but when it come to friendship i always remind myself always there for ur friends....