xander 1st showcase in Malaysia

hi blogger..it been awhile im update my blog right. yesterday the last minute plan turn to most happy time for me heheh.. or i should consider this is best bday gift i ever had...i dream xander 3x this year.. maybe the dream tell that i should me him.. n i yesterday i got to see him live n closer look..he is so chick n naughty guy.now i in love with his song. i never now he have voice.. the only thing i know he can rap.. he is cute friendly. after he finish performance doing sign session.. haha a bit neves and guilty with yoseob XD...climbing stairs one by one.. then in front him he look at my face n say apa kabar? then i say baik.. n smile at him he say thank u for comin he give his hand n i was like holding him tight..omg his hand so soft like bb.. before i leave i say love u.. n he reply love u too hehe.. then i go down..n smile..hehe... ty xander u making my life brighter love u so much... here lil gif from xander to me..

calender from xander forum
calender cover
calendar back side n signature

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