yeayea today 1st of raya.. feel excited n bored same time... excited coz finally the ramdhan month complete.. i miss when im lil girl. yesterday chatting with achek she told "t u remember when u lil girl always cry coz wanna come to grandma home after solat raya.. " i nod then i say coz no one at lereng to play with me.every year raya going wan home is like heaven coz lot ppl there n there someone i play,talk n fight there..achek say yea. t now u 22 look how big u grow now n all the lil cousin lol..yea to me know going to wan home is one thing i can't miss out.. yea until if i not stay or sleep there i feel that sometime missing 2 days before or on raya.this year much more excited coz pak cha taking bb aarik to kg.. i more comfortable with wan n all aunts n uncle there.coz they are there for me up n down.. im sorry to my mom sis i feel awkwardness around u guys i feel uncomfortable when u around me n now all of sudden tried to be friendly for me.. sory i hard for me to accept u if u guy feel angry coz i m so cold to u... please keep think this word is is this my fault coursing aty cold with me... i dunno if in future i can accept them or not coz they seem to be care bout me.. so what should i care bout them..

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