Break Fast Time

the picture been snap and own by @ladydragon_83

while waiting the food arrive

waiting to break fast

hey bloggers.. on 12 august is the best day ever coz i finally finish the assignment n presentation.. the most happy time is when break fast time with midot,jue,ema,unnie, yana n mimie.. we break fast at nando's. african food yea the food is yummy and eating together making the food more tastier... actually the main objective to gather all kpop chingoo together coz is rarely to see each others. and i want my friend to open new books and 4get the past... that is the main reason.. when we are friend misunderstanding always happen that make our friendship more tighter n close. doing gathering or reunite like this make us bond more to each other.. yea we do have difference bck or difference style but when it come to friendship i always remind myself always there for ur friends....

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