love line

Hi, lately i used to talk bout love. today too i learn in relationship u not have think bout urself but we need to who the person who will b with u by ur side. Who say love is easy n sweet damn it not. I admit i in love line i b test how far u understand ur partner, how u gonna solve ur problem. I learning to grow to b n also not to selfish. I never knew what i act will b effect in future. So starting with small step make thing bigger. Dont u ever rush thing u need to lay back n trust ur partner that the key to have healthy relationship. We are not perfect but we the one make the love turn perfect.argue in love is good thing coz u get to see how ur partner see u in their eyes. So to newbie couple like me dont ever expect ur fantasy is the same reality like i did. Dream to have a person hold ur hand when u fall that will no b. U the one to stand up n fight to reach that life.

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