so in the beast fever

1st gift for yeseob
2nd day gift for me to yoseob

i just can't believe i see them in froze a while see them with my on eyes..omo they ar hot n cute in person nice..even we can't communicate coz they can't understand english but im still luving them no matter what.. 2 days got to same to time going up to stage to get they autograph omo im feel so lucky hehehe....but i a bit irritating on the the showcase day im like waiting there starting at 10 a.m.i felt so disappointed coz of security mmmmmmmm im que so long but who cut the line and came late get ro enter 1st..i like wat the h*** was this n depress coz i didn't the priority wearing the b2st shirt to get in first but they they let the people was not wearing shirt in im like aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa screaming loud in middle of the line..i think like 7 hour waiting 4 there n i felt want to give up everything but coz of them i still strong..i so relief when i step in the kl live n heard they played beast song like aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa n think of them satisfy with performance n after the performance go to stage get autograph all the six members but so stupid not giving my gift personal to yoseop i hoping he fine the gift n luv the gift.1st the joker then woonie im like see her omo so lovely n smile to him aj sad coz he to busy signing the cd n see joon i wave to he smile n nod his head to me then i go to hyunseung suddenly im blank see him his like mm blank too.then yeseop omo im stare to him then im like jumping around the corner after he smile at me hehehe..
on 2nd day goin to ou at 1st just think just want to see them from far but after 3 hours sitting there all my chingoo going stage im the only be left alone..feel so sad coz i alone by myself.i so thankful to the mobile banker dubu *kikiki* coz her i got to follow all my friends im like yeahhhhhhh i got to meet them 4 2nd time hehehe i bought lollipop 4 yoseob n i want to give him personally.be4 eneter stae 8v nite live ask 4 taking my picture hehehe....i enter the stage n the joker like see me n give bit smile to me then passing to woon he like omo smiling cutely then go to aj i like waving him ike waving back the dujun omo smiling again goin hyungseung he like remember me n give a big smile..after waiting to go yeseob im like yeseob aaa bout 3 time but he can't heard me waa T________T giving the lollipop to him he like *hah* n take it but giving side n like the security hold that n im like want to cried see that im hoping he take lollipop back...n almost 4 get my booklet n his like looking around i think with his blank face i think.yeseob is the 1st artist that i giving a gift im like image his picture be surrounding by lollipop n wearing nightmare shoe omo so cute hoping post the picture............

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